Wednesday, January 19, 2011

LISTEN - Iron & Wine - Kiss Each Other Clean

I'm really excited about the direction Iron & Wine is moving and it's great to have new material finally! Enjoy the music everyone. Right now "Monkeys Uptown" "Rabbit Will Run" and "Your Fake Name Is Good Enough For Me" are blowing me away but it's solid cover to cover.

They've just announced a slew of tour dates, check the links below for more info.


Jacob said...

the new album is 100% garbage. tracks like "monkeys uptown" lead me to believe that it was produced by a 4 year old. his music has always been amazing because of how subtle it was. this album is anything but subtle and in all of the worst ways.

Jason said...

I'll have to disagree Jacob. What about "MU" makes you believe that? There are plenty of unsubtle moments in I&W's music. Go back to "The Shepherds Dog" and tell me it's great because of it's subtleness.

Chris said...

you already know what i think, but if you missed it . .

Sonic Tooth said...

I'm generally still rooted in the "classic" Iron and Wine mellow/subtle sound preference-wise, but I have to say this new record is a progression. A good one.
Artists can have phases.
A desire/need to not repeat.
I've listened to the disc multiple times every night the past 3. "Monkeys Uptown" ain't my fave, and certainly bears little, to no resemblance to the early sounds. But this is quality all around. "Glad Man Singing" has already rose the ranks. A compelling song with some pretty great backing and sounds that didn't exist on the early Iron & Wine recordings. Things are full and good.
Believe it.

Jason said...


I really think artists need to have phases in order to be relevant in these days. BUT they need to retain a common thread that makes them them. Iron & Wine have accomplished that with every record regardless of the "experimentilsm" they adopt. And I think Madison Square Garden can't house a proper live version of the last song on the record.