Friday, January 21, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Blitzen Trapper - 2009-10-16 - The Canopy Club

More than a few of you have recommended Bllitzen Trapper to me over the years but they've been one of those bands that have been on my "To Get Into" list forever. A few days ago I came across this live set from the Canopy Club (University of Illinois) and figured I"d give it a listen. My initial thoughts were Widespread Panic/Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (2005 RA&TC, a little dirtier). Now I've only given this two listens but as of now I really like it, definitely enough to share. We've got them covering some Neil Young playing below, enjoy the weekend ladies and gents, stay warm.

I might have time later to get another set up, no promises but I'm going to try.

Disc I:
01. Intro
02. Sleepytime In The Western World
03. God & Suicide
04. Stolen Shoes & A Rifle
05. Wild Mountain Nation
06. Canyon's Edge
07. Gold For Bread
08. Jericho09. Love U
10. Echo11. Silver Moon
12. Furr
13. Country Rain
14. The Man Who Would Speak True

Disc II:
01. Not Your Lover
02. Black River Killer
03. Lady On The Water
04. Going Down
05. Fire & Fast Bullets
06. Big Black Bird
07. Devil's A-Go-Go
08. Booksmart Baby
09. Saturday Night
10. Harvest (Neil Young)
11. Country Caravan
12. Miss Spiritual Tramp


Sonic Tooth said...

Hey Jason,
Being one of those who threw the Blitzen Trapper query your way, I'm most pleased to be kicking back and listening to this show post-work currently. Thanks for posting it. Saw them a couple times earlier in '09 in Denver and Chicago...

The band that opened for them on this IL show (that they thank early in the set) the Shaky Hands, are also most worthy of any and all love. Good stuff as well.

Jason said...

You were definitely fresh in my head when I grabbed this. Where should I start with studio material?

Sonic Tooth said...

For my money I would go:
1) Furr
2) Wild Mtn. Nation
3) Self-titled
4) Destroyer of the Void
5) Field Rexx
(Black River Killer ep is worth a listen too)

I listen to all of them pretty regularly besides Field Rexx, which was their second album and is decidedly lo-fi and pretty scrappy. Depending on mood I might shuffle the 3 & 4 slot.
thanks again for posting the show.