Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Living Green

A few months ago I started to think of how I could incorporate some “green” speak into The Steam Engine. My biggest issue initially was that I didn’t want to come off as some overbearing hippy “What do you mean you don’t pocket compost?!?!” but I did want to come off as active and aware. Coincidentally the best way I came up with was to have a local business owner do the talking for me! Marius Morosanu is part owner of Nazca Energy, a Rockford, IL based renewable energy company. Marius is a man on a mission, spreading the word on efficient, green technology, specifically LED lighting.

“Living Green” will be a twice monthly piece that will discuss everything from being more efficient at home (and saving a few pieces of scratch) to green technology and it’s place in the music industry. Keep your eyes peeled for some super excellent giveaways!



Hi all, first off thanks for checking out Jason’s latest Steam Engine segment, “Living Green.” My name is Marius and I’m really excited about sharing ideas and talking directly to people who are eager to make a difference in our world. You may be amazed at how the simplest things can help the environment we all share while saving you money. I won’t bore you with too much of my background. I’m in charge of operations at a small Renewable Energy Company in the Midwest. At the moment, we primarily deal with LED lighting for home and business. If you have questions about any of this stuff, feel free to email me directly at

To kick of Living Green, I thought I’d take a stab at something we all have in common.. The love of music...

There’s a lot going on in the music industry to help it “green up”. From packaging and distribution, to organic promotional merchandise (no kidding) and more, the industry is gearing up for a new generation of savvy green music lovers.

First there’s product packaging. Think about all of that cellophane, paper pulp, plastic, and chemical inks it takes to get those CD’s on the shelves. One can argue that the best way to package something is to just put it online. While that may sound great, a lot of people out there still want the experience of having something tangible in their hands. There are solutions on the horizon. Companies like PaperFoam offer all-natural, fully biodegradable jewel case for CD’s and DVD’s as an alternative to conventional plastic versions. DiskMakers, one of the biggest names in the duplication industry has implemented sustainability into their business process. They are using recycled board, vegetable based inks, internal recycling programs and are even finding ways to reduce shipping weight which uses up less fuel to deliver.

Eco-Friendly promotion is also making waves in the industry. You can now find organic cotton alternatives vs. synthetic t-shirts for promoting your music to fans. There are companies that even offer silk screened prints using non-toxic vegetable dye. Another cool item is the stainless steel mug. There are few things that reduce waste more profoundly than reusable mugs and cups. Check out Klean Kanteen or Sigg, they offer customizable water bottles for shameless self-promotion or personal use. Finding green promotional materials isn’t hard, we just have to start searching for alternatives and demanding them from companies that don’t offer them yet .

And then there is touring. Perhaps the most polluting part of the music industry, and the one we all love the most. Most people think there is nothing we can do about it but there are businesses out there that offer sustainable energy solutions for the entertainment industry. Take Sustainable Waves for example, these guys provide solar powered stages, sounds systems and lighting. Reverb Nation for instance is helping artists take their first green steps by offering carbon neutral suggestions for venues and coordinating bio-diesel and waste reduction services at events.

What can you personally do when going to check out your favorite bands live? Here are some suggestions:

  • Car Pool. I know many people already do this, but if you don’t consider it. It’s best to share these experiences anyway -  right?!
  • Bring your own water in one of the above mentioned stainless steel bottles. If they don’t allow it, shoot the venue an email the next day and let them know - get your friends to do the same. Be polite but put the issue on their radar.
  • Purchase merchandise that uses natural fibers and dyes. They feel great and don’t use harsh chemicals that end up in water supplies.
  • Use the garbage can. This may sound stupid but how many times have you tossed your empty beer on the lawn instead of waiting for the garbage can?
  • Let your favorite bands know that you care about these issues. Write an email or a letter.
  • Reuse your beer cups – if you just don’t want to do this, consider refilling it at least once. Everything helps!

In the coming weeks, be on the lookout for other topics and please email or leave a comment with your ideas, questions and thoughts!

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  • Your comments, questions and ideas...

This Steam Engine’s ‘Living Green” segment is “sponsored” by Nazca Energy (meaning Jason uses us to green up his image - ha ha). You can check us out @ or follow us on FaceBook ( ) and Twitter ( ).


DR said...

Cool stuff, sounds interesting!

Chris said...

"Reuse your beer cups – if you just don’t want to do this, consider refilling it at least once. Everything helps!"

if you don't want to reuse your beer cup, maybe you just shouldn't drink beer. don't be douche, boys and girls. it doesn't take THAT much effort. be classy, like me. bring your own cup. when you're done, take it home and wash it and start the glorious process all over again.

i have a few aluminum water bottles. one is for water, one is for juice (and vodka) and the other is for miscellaneous libations that accompany me to social functions like weddings and funerals. what i'm saying is this: reduce, reuse, recycle. those three "r's" are beter than reading, writing and arithmetic . . which is actually only ONE "r."