Thursday, January 20, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - 2006-03-19 - The Triple Door

Great acoustic set from a band that has been getting more and more of my attention. Hope everyone's week is coming to a graceful end. Enjoy "Shuffle Your Feet" below.

01 Promise 
02 Restless Sinner 
03 Complicated Situation 
04 US Government 
05 Shuffle Your Feet 
06 Shuffle Your Feet (w/ Audience) 
07 Love Burns 
08 Lonesome Death of Hattie 
09 Fault Line 
10 Mercy 
11 Ain't No Easy Way 
12 Devil's Waitin' 
13 Feel It Now


DR said...

Cool! I've been into their latest release recently. Great musicians.