Monday, November 1, 2010

Everest - 2009-09-05 - Live at Bumbershoot - Seatle, WA

Ever since Everest rocked the crowd before My Morning Jacket performed "Evil Urges & Beyond" I've been listening to them damn near constantly. I've heard of them and have even heard them a little bit here and there and for some reason it never grabbed me. Until I saw them live. They were possibly my favorite opener over the course of MMJ's Terminal 5 residency (which included some great acts) and after they played Neil Young's "Revolution Blues" from his dark classic (and probably my favorite Neil disc) On The Beach. Since I've been back from New York I've picked up their latest record, On Approach, and have been loving every song. Bits and pieces of the record remind me of all sorts of great acts (Some Jayhawks, some Neil Young, maybe even some Coldplay (from when they were good)) but most of all I think they have a unique sound and are moving in the right direction with it. Enjoy this set from 2008 and check out their record when you get a chance.


Chris said...

This is great stuff, thanks! I've ordered both of the LPs and can't wait for them to show up. Love these guys.

Tennessee Jed said...

Man, thanks for the tip on these guys...hard to believe I've missed out on such great music!