Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Kings of Leon - 2004-11-20 - Huxley's - Berlin

I have to thank Kevin James of Model Stranger for passing this recording on to me. If you guys haven't checked those guys out do yourself a solid and download their record for free here.

My Kings of Leon listening has been pretty limited over the last couple of years. Their rise to stardom sort of pushed them away from my regular rotation. Over exposure probably. I mean, I still enjoy their tunes and I think their first three records are some of better rock and roll I've been exposed to over the last 5 years. Their was a rawness to their sound had me listening to them on repeat for a while. That same rawness is captured on this recording. It's nice to hear these guys pre-ultramegaband status again. Give "Spiral Staircase" a listen below.

1 Happy Alone
2 Red Morning Light
3 Wasted Time
4 Taper Jean Girl
5 Pistol of Fire
6 The Bucket
7 Soft
8 Joe's Head
9 Molly's Chambers
10 Razz
11 Four Kicks
12 California Waiting
13 Slow Nights, So Long
14 King of the Rodeo
15 Head to Toe
16 Spiral Suitcase