Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Unreleased Tracks

Hot off the press. Unreleased tracks sent via email by Pax Am. "Darkness" and "The Blue Canoe" do not appear on the upcoming III/IV but I certainly wouldn't mind if we got a few songs like this odd couple. "Darkness" sounds like something he could have recorded with The Pinkhearts (as of now I'm particularly fond of this tune) and "The Blue Canoe" is a Ramones type quick punk song that sort of drones you in and by the end it's hard to tell if that's even Ryan singing. Listen to them below, download them via SoundCloud or check out the new "Multiload" uploading service I'm testing out. I upload it to one place, it uploads it to 7 places. Some variety, let me know how it goes.

UPDATE - Upon putting these tracks in iTunes I discovered that the album comes up as "Helicopter Soup" a record he said he wanted to put out years ago. I always that he was just being weirdo Ryan Adams but I guess he was serious! Check out the conversation below:


Anonymous said...

From the man himself:

Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post:

these are just some good-times demos from this summer in NYC with Tom at the controls and me and Johnny T jamming, I overdubbed the rest.

I know people don't enjoy my "joke songs" but they are not. they are just fun, fun to make and funny to play and sometimes accidentally cool. Graboff played bass on The Blue Canoe ( 10 bucks and a ride to liquor store for anyone who figures out the reference) .The slider stopped by the studio to say hi and I made him play bass poor bastard : )

also anyone with a Dead Milkmen album knows why I make lighthearted tunes sometimes. Life is also lighthearted. Cant be creepy and sad all the time.
Anyway Tom and Johnny and I went in for some fun, not for serious, sessions in NYC this summer because what else are we gonna do? Golf? I don't think so.

I'm glad everyone got the Helicopter Soup joke but surprised anyone actually believes that is real. It is not real. Do you actually think a conference call on a CEO's label is recordable that easy... lol. I wish. I think doing that prank was one of the best times we had working together. Luke can be quite a funny dude when he wants to be.
The funniest thing about doing it was how many people believed it was actually real. LOL. Total backfire in the best way ( and I don't mean what happens when I eat really hot salsa)

Originally Posted by wolfhunter View Post:

Destroyers is from the demo recordings of III/IV ( when it was called War and Peace ) of which I play everything. I would record drums first ( kind of playing along to the composition in my head ) and follow that with guitar and vocals and basically fill in the blanks from there.
I almost always recorded demo versions of the albums in some form or other to show the band and then we would kind of collectively "grow the sketch" up into a nice drawing.

The demos could be charming sometimes just because I knew I could get super funky and it didn't matter as long as I was getting the vibe across.
On Destroyers I was doing my best to do a Phil Lesh impression ( unless that is actually him, which wouldn't be out of character for those times when we were slipping into each others sessions and shows ) but I am 99.9 percent sure it is NOT him. Certainly his influence is all over me in that tune.
Also the Cure. I think I have been listening to shittons of the "Kiss me, kiss me, kiss me"LP. And probably the Jayhawks firs record. The one red one with the boat.

I don't know how I am still posting I asked Joel via email to erase my handle. Oh well. Vanity!!!! Oh the Vanity!!!!!

Anonymous said...

All a moot point now, the albums have leaked!!!