Monday, November 8, 2010

Jeff Tweedy - 2010-08-15 - Live at Solid Sound

Photo by: Wallyworld
I hope everyone has a great week. Let the gentle touches of Jeff Tweedy be the wind beneath your wings. This was originally downloaded from Captain's Dead, check them out.

This is a great set, lots of excellent covers (Neil Young's "Look Out For My Love!!!") and some Wilco rare ones. 

1. Sunken Treasure
2. Remember the Mountain Bed
3. Please Be Patient With Me
4. Muzzle of Bees
5. In a Future Age
6. Via Chicago
7. The Ruling Class
8. Bob Dylans 49th Beard
9. Simple Twist of Fate
10. Alone
11. Someday Soon
12. New Madrid
13. Lost Love
14. I'm Always in Love
15. Spiders
16. Tennessee Torch Swing (with sir richard bishop)
17. Ingrid Bergman (with nick from the books)
18. Look Out For My Love (with avi buffalo)
19. Dash 7 (with nels cline)
20. The Family Garden (with scott mccaughey)
21. Someone Elses Song
22. So Much Wine
23. It's Just That Simple (with john stirratt on lead vocals and acoustic guitar, tweedy on bass, nels on lap steel, pat sansone on keyboard and greg wieczorek on drums)
24. Passenger Side (with john on bass, nels on banjo, mike jorgensen and pat sansone on keyboards and greg wieczorek on drums)
25. Outta Mind (Outta Site) (with john on bass, nels on banjo, matthew smith of outrageous cherry on electric guitar, greg wieczorek on drums and pat sansone and mike jorgensen on keyboards)


Anonymous said...

Goldmine. I was there and it was amazing.

Thank you verrrry much.