Friday, November 12, 2010

Norah Jones - 2010-06-12 - Bonnaroo

The marvelous Mystic Chords of Memory Vol. 2 posted this sometime last week and I had to share it. The quality is excellent and Norah rips through a lot of her excellent 2009 record The Fall, which came out about this time last year. When it was initially released I fell in love with it, something about the record reminds me of Chicago (or, probably more appropriately, Manhattan) in the winter, something I truly adore. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

MMJ Forum members - I hope all is well with every single one of you.

01 What Am I To You
02 Tell Yer Mama
03 Light As A Feather
04 Chasing Pirates
05 Even Though
06 Young Blood
07 It's Gonna Be
08 Cry, Cry, Cry
09 I Wouldn't Need You
10 Sunrise
11 Sinkin' Soon
12 Barstool Blues
13 Come Away With Me
14 Long Way Home
15 Strangers
16 Don't Know Why
17 Stuck
18 Bull Rider
19 Lonesta


Anonymous said...

so fine...

Robinbrevard said...

Thanks; this looks great (and RareRockCollectionFetish just posted some cool alt. artwork for this same show).