Friday, January 22, 2010


Hey guys. So I'm a liar. Didn't get one thing up for everyone this week. I apologize, it's been crazy. I have like 15 shows just waiting to get posted, next week I'll do 2 a day. Fair? Good. Have a good weekend guys.

Suggested weekend listening:

Spoon - Gimme Fiction
Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - Chicago 2007
Alberta Cross - Broken Side of Time
MMJ - Bunbury Theater - 1999


Anonymous said...

Just got introduced to Spoon...jeezt, WTF was I waiting for, this is GREAT stuff!

Gotta love Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (RIP Spacewolf).

Alberta Cross is one rockinn' band, this is one of my new favorites, hope to catch them live soon.

Anonymous said...

Quality, not quantity, seems to be the theme of your blog. Don't worry about it!

DR said...

I agree with Anonymous #2. And I want to listen to Spoon's Transference really bad, I hope my store gets it next week.
Vampire Weekend's new record is also really good, don't let Billboard fool you.

DR said...

Oh, and I agree, those Team Deathmatch games in Modern Warfare 2 have been crazy! Haha