Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Spoon - Live at the 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. - 2007-10-23

Am I into these guys lately. Anyone have any high quality recordings? Send 'em on down!

01 – I Could See The Dude
02 – Utilitarian
03 – Minor Tough
04 – Fitted Shirt
05 – Anything You Want
06 – Me And The Bean
07 – Small Stakes
08 – The Way We Get By
09 – Stay Don’t Go
10 – Jonathan Fisk
11 – Back To The Life
12 – The Beast And The Dragon, Adored
13 – The Delicate Place
14 – I Summon You
15 – Don’t Make Me A Target
16 – The Ghost Of You Lingers
17 – You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb
18 – The Underdog
19 – Black Like Me
20 – Japanese Cigarette Case
21 – Peace Like A River
22 – I Turn My Camera On
23 – Don’t you Evah
24 – Rhthm & Soull
25 – My Mathematical Mind

Download - Spoon - Live at the 9:30 Club - Washington, D.C. - 2007-10-23


DR said...

Transference is awesome. I'm calling it early on - top 10 of the year.
And do you know what's up with that Removador thing Jim James has going on? I don't quite understand it.

Jason said...

DolmenRage, what is up? Did you start back from 0 exp in MW2? Fuck youre good. Yes Transference is awesome, I am so fucking obsessed with this band.

I noticed Removador a while ago and posted the a link in the link section. I'd like to see some more movement from it but so far it's been kind of quiet.

DR said...

Yeah, I have a bet going on with my friend, whoever gets the furthest in MW2 buys the other dinner for a week, so I had to prestige. Though I think I'm gonna lose, he's almost level 60 in the first prestige (i'm at like 20) and exams are coming up next week for me.

I really hope Spoon comes to Mexico with their Transference tour, the Yeah Yeah Yeahs were just here like 2 days ago and I missed it and freaking PHOENIX is coming next week but I have exams and it's a 2 hour drive.
Spoon and Bright Eyes' earlier works (Lifted and Fevers) have been my most recent obsessions.

I read about Removador a few weeks ago but just today saw the link in your blog, from what I get it's like a label/networking site? I don't really get it.

Fuck this is a long comment.