Friday, January 29, 2010

My Morning Jacket - The Fox Theatre - 2004-05-16

When will you have something for us guys?!?! Not even a record, just an announcement, some news, a demo, ANYTHING!?!

What timing! Not 3 hours after I posted this the Southern tour was announced!!!

Not a soundboard unfortunately but a VERY good sounding audience recording. Wouldn't post it otherwise! Check out Andrew Bird on "Steam Engine."

Thanks Tony Stack for the totally awesome picture. This guy has a SICK collection of concert photos at his site, go check him out.

Mike B, I love tapers like yourself.

Disc 1:

1. Intro >
2. One Big Holiday
3. O is the One That is Real
4. Dancefloors
5. How Do You Know
6. The Bear
7. Death Is The Easy Way *
8. It Beats 4 U (or Space Manner Transgression Policy #29 in B-Flat Major)
9. Lowdown
10. The Way That He Sings
11. Strangulation

Disc 2:

1. Steam Engine *
2. Run Thru
3. Cobra (Middle section only)
4. Golden
5. Mahgeetah

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Fox Theatre - 2004-05-16


DR said...

Didn't Jim James said that he was working on a new MMJ record? I could have sworn I heard it here.

Jason said...

They supposedly got together at the end of January I believe but haven't heard anything since.

Anonymous said...

check mmj's website, jason!! tour just got announced