Friday, January 8, 2010

The Raconteurs - Live at the Manchester Apollo 2006-10-15

I've been Jack White crazy since seeing the very cool guitar doc It Might Get Loud. It features Mr. White, Jimmy Page and "The Edge" (I'm not a U2 fan or a fan of anyone that refers to themselves as "The Edge" but his parts were alright). What really got me though was a clip of Jack White raging a solo on the tune "Blue Veins" from The Raconteurs debut album Broken Boy Soldiers. Jack is bleeding all over his guitar (they later show the blood smeared guitar) while he relentlessly hits note after note, each one a darker blue than the last. Anyways, please enjoy and check out that doc when you get a chance.

CD 1
Back To You
Christian Life
Bang Bang

Store Bought Bones
Yellow Sun
Blue Veins Intro
Blue Veins
Intimate Secretary
Steady as She Goes
Broken Boy Soldiers


Anonymous said...


Are you going to Louisville is for Lovers?

Jason said...

I'd love to. Sadly, I do not see it happening.

Anonymous said...

Well, dog, your blog has taken me in many different directions.

If you are at Louisville for Lover we will see you there.

Jason said...

I'm glad Anonymous. I am actually trying to find a ticket for the event, if you know anyone with an extra, I'll buy it.

Anonymous said...

Nice one - thanks for this recording.

I gained a lot of respect for Jack White in that movie also.