Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spoon Covers Compilation

You Ain't No Picasso is cover comp' central. Today we have Spoon's 22 covers. Guys, I adore this band right now. Who's seeing them in Chicago in April?

Spoon covers compilation page.

Spoon – Modern World (Wolf Parade)
Spoon – Peace Like a River (Paul Simon)
Spoon – Panic (The Smiths)
Spoon – Situation Vacant (the Kinks)
Spoon – Set Me Free (the Kinks)
Spoon – Moments (the Kinks)
Spoon – A Good Flying Bird (Guided by Voices)
Spoon – Isolation (John Lennon)
Spoon – Rocks Off (the Rolling Stones)
Spoon – Melted Pat (Guided By Voices)
Spoon – Held (Smog)
Spoon – It’s Gonna Take an Airplane (Dan Bejar)
Spoon – Loose (Stooges)
Spoon – Lowdown (Wire)
Spoon – Used To (Wire)
Spoon – Rocket USA (Suicide)
Spoon – Roller Coaster (13th Floor Elevators)
Spoon – I Am the Key (the La’s)
Spoon – I’m Goin Down (Bruce Springsteen)
Spoon – Bring it On Home To Me (Sam Cooke)
Spoon – Decora (Yo La Tengo)
Spoon – Tear Me Down (Hedwig & the Angry Inch)
Spoon – Upwards at 45 Degrees (Julian Cope)
Spoon – This Damn Nation (the Godfathers)
Drake Tungsten – Let Me Roll It (Paul McCartney)
Spoon – Irrigation Man (John Clayton)
Spoon – If You Say So (Laughingstocks)
Spoon – Party Up (Prince)
Britt Daniel – Cut My Friend Down (Julian Cope)
Britt Daniel – Not Me (Colin Newman)
Britt Daniel – Run, Lieutenant, Run (Crooked Fingers)
Drake Tungsten – Secrets (the Cure)
Drake Tungsten – Do the Manta Ray (the Pixies)

Download - Spoon Covers Compilation


DR said...

I just wrote a blog post on Spoon. I thought you'd like to read it, and thanks a lot for putting up a link to my blog on your list :)

And sorry for leaving at the middle of that MW2 game, but my PS3's wireless card has not been working well lately and it disconnected me and wouldn't let me back in. I really wanted to play with you, hopefully I'll catch you during the weekend.

Jason said...

Nice write up, been enjoying your posts man. Where about in Mexico are you from? I've been to Puebla, can't recall exactly what part though. No biggy on the MW2, I always notice you going in and out, figured it you were having connection issues. Sorry for not checking those messages on the reg too man, I honestly never think of it.

DR said...

I'm from exactly the center, little city/estate called Aguascalientes.
What messages? The PSN ones?
Oh and did you see Wilco with Ferguson? Good stuff:

Jason said...

Yeah it was great. Tweedy looks more and more like Neil everyday I think.