Friday, January 15, 2010

Some stuff...

Hey guys. Just have some random things that are flyin' through my brain, think I might do some updates like this here and there.

I am sure you are all WELL aware of situation in Haiti, text "Haiti" to 90999 to donate $10. It will get tacked onto your phone bill. If you need some persuasion, please look here.

Hmmmm....been listening to lots and lots of Iron & Wine lately. Our Endless Numbered Days, The Shepherds Dog and, of course, the recording from the solo acoustic set I saw a while back. Sam Beam is a unique cat. His guitar playing is a real pleasure to listen to and I'm pretty sure it's common knowledge he has one of the best voices in the game. Check out the music player on the right for some Iron and Wine tunes and this stuff right here:

The Raconteurs set that I posted the other day has been lighting my ears up. After a couple hours of Iron and Wine some Jack White and Co. destroying songs like the Sonny Bono penned (and Cher performed) classic Bang, Bang, Level and Intimate Secretary is just what I need.

Local favorites Model Stranger have really had my attention lately. Their EP, A Boy and His Crown, is good, I really enjoy it. Live though, they really kick it up a notch (multiple notches are kicked actually) and the songs get Mark McGwire'd with this power that's quite remarkable. I'll hopefully have some live stuff for you all soon but in the meantime I've been watching this video on the reg:

Take a peek at their EP, it's streaming off the the right. If you have the chance, go check these guys out. Chicagoan's, I am looking at you in particular. There manager told me that if you mention this blog post at one of their shows he will fellate you on the spot. KIDDING, of course. But I have been talking with these guys a bit and they seem to be brewin' up a pretty fine batch of new tunes for their upcoming album. The demos I've heard show a band in transition; growing, maturing and honing their craft. The taste I was given has me wanting more, I am so so so excited about their next album.

Model Stranger goes on tour starting April 4th. They'll be cruisin' out to Colorado and back and will end the tour with their CD release part at The Cubby Bear in Chicago (Wrigleyville) on April 24th.

I'll have some cool stuff for you guys next week, have a great weekend.


Felix said...

These guys ROCK. I saw them opening for Our Lady Peace and they definitely 'kick it up a notch' live... I can't wait for the new record!

Anonymous said...

Re.the donations to Haiti...wouldn't it be great if just the bankers...who we,(the public) bailed out and kept in jobs and then gave them billions of dollars/pounds worth of bonuses for some reason ...gave all the money required for this disaster from their bonuses and left the general public alone..we are poor enough...Nico

Jason said...

It'd be ideal Nico. We should have let all those banks fail instead of dishing out billyones in times like these.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for putting the word out for Haiti. Every little bit counts and it's great that you're getting the word out, one music blogger at a time.

On a drastically different note, I don't know if you've heard of Company of Thieves (although I'm sure you have, they are south side Chicagoans!). Would you be willing to put their CD up for all to download (including me =])

Thanks so much!

Jason said...

Hey Chelsea,

TSE doesn't do copyrighted material so sadly no. I am not familiar actually but went over to their website and I was diggin' it. I'll grab their CD and if I like it I'll see if I can't find some live or free stuff. Sorry!