Friday, March 28, 2008

Wilco - Austin City Limits 2007

If I had a blog in early January I would have posted this ASAP. Wilco is easily one of the best bands out there today and their live performance is dynamite always. I have the good fortune to see Radiohead and Wilco back to back mid May, first time for Radiohead nth time for Wilco. Anyways, this is their performance at 2007's Austin City Limits. As usual they are dead on and sound fucking great. I love the current lineup and I think that Nels Cline (avant-garde guitarist, absolutely ridiculous) was made to be in this outfit and he really brings the band to a new level. Many a nights have been spent raging to this show, I have the video as well (if RapidShare allowed more than 100MB uploads I would throw that up, wait for my domain...), which is sick, I love concert movies. Really enjoy this piece; Wilco is, well, spectacular.

Wilco - Austin City Limits 2007


Anonymous said...

Love your blog!! Wilco, Ryan Adams, MMJ....what else could one need? I would love to work out something with you to get a DVD copy of the video for this Wilco ACL show. Please email at

Thank you!

nffcnnr said...

Thanks for this!!

Ezzell said...

You rock bro. I've been looking for a good quality version of this to carry around on my ipod. You are my savior. I'd love for you to check out my blog too. It's a little sparse right now but I'm workin' on it. Take care.

Anonymous said...

uhhhh....gracias man...flor de banda la de Jeff T.