Monday, March 31, 2008

Jim James Explains Evil Urges To MTV

The full article and short video can be found here:

This Christopher Smith seems to give it a mixed review but then he also kind of does not, regardless, he sounds like an asshole. Just kidding. Anyways, check out the previous post and download the SXSW show, if it is not up anymore just email me. 8 of the 14 new songs are played and they all sound really quite spectacular. Touch Me I'm About To Scream Pt. II is sick, the announcers right after it are clearly blown away. All of the new stuff seems top notch, I expect nothing less of the boys from Louisville. As of now Evil Urges is my most anticipated album of '08 and unless Pink Floyd announces a reunion album featuring Neil Young, I do not see that changing.

Also, be checking this: apparently a new website will be up "hopefully soon."

P.S. - That is not the album artwork, just something I made


tjb said...

touch me i'm about to scream......what a fucking groove!!!!! I was jamming this hook in my mind all day today..