Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ryan Adams describes albums in one word

This is pretty cool and awesome:

PASTE Magazine asked Ryan to quickly come up with a word for his solo catalog

heartbreaker: naivety
the suicide handbook: pain
gold: smiling to mask pain
48 hours: masculinity
pinkhearts: nashville
demolition: cop-out
love is hell: beauty
rock n roll: laughter
cold roses: dreams
jacksonville city nights: home
darkbreaker: death
29: spirituality, or evil
black hole: drugs
easy tiger: life, love


Anonymous said...

Great blog. Keep up with the RA posts. I can't get enough. I actually had the pleasure of meeting Ryan after his show in St. Louis last Fall. He seems like a really good kid. He exhibited great humility and meekness as he made "chit-chat" with me and a couple buddies. It wasn't long (maybe 20 minutes or so) but it was quite an experience and I'll never forget it. I could go on but I'm sure you've ran into him before. At any rate, keep it up Jason!