Wednesday, March 26, 2008

For New Years Eve 2008 a few of us (girlfriend, brother-in-law, knocked up as fuck sister) went down to St. Louis to celebrate with a doctor friend of ours. After the first night of hanging out he threw on the soundtrack for the movie Into the Wild. The first track he played was Society, instantly pleasing to the ears; great acoustic guitar work and Eddie Vedders' rustic voice, a perfect song. Since then I have grown quite fond of the entire soundtrack and was able to come up on the demo's for this album. If you do not own the album, buy it, it is really fucking spectacular; it makes me want to go camping in the mountains every time I hear it. The movie is also great, it really compliments the soundtrack (or vice versa?). An interesting statistic would be the amount of missing hippies before and after the release of this movie, watch it and you will catch my drift (I cannot take credit for that joke, thanks Matt). Check out the demo's and whenever possible the movie as well.

**LINK UPDATED 2010-08-24**

Download - Eddie Vedder - Into the Wild Demo's