Monday, March 31, 2008

Red House Painters

A few months ago a friend played me the fantastic Red House Painters album, Songs For A Blue Guitar. Since then I have been very into this outfit and Mark Kozelek's (lead everything) post RHP's group, Sun Kil Moon (which Kozelek admits is the RHP's, he just wanted to rejuvenate the project). These are two of the songs that really stuck out to me after the first go around. Listen to the slide kick in at 3:52 on Have You Forgotten, it is truly gorgeous. Silly Love Songs, a Wings cover, is totally reworked into a whole new animal. I really dig Kozeleks guitar playing, both acoustic and electric, but his electric Neil Young-esque tone/style is sick on this track. Enjoy these tunes and buy the album, these guys are really great.

Red House Painters - Have You Forgotten & Silly Love Songs