Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Ryan Adams - What Sin Replaces Love

Not too long ago, Aquarium Drunkard posted the history of the Ryan Adams penned tune What Sin Replaces Love. Mr. Adams played this song on one of his heroes television shows, The Henry Rollins Show. Adams has been a huge fan of Henry Rollins' band Black Flag, he even has the Black Flag tattooed on his arm. Anyways, the song has been around since 2000 and has seen many different versions, both acoustic and electric. I have seen this song performed by Ryan Adams & The Cardinals (or now just The Cardinals) numerous times as well as heard about a million bootlegs, none of which quite capture the sound and overall mood of their, in my eyes legendary, Henry Rollins Show performance. Download the MP3 below and check out the YouTube video here, watch the expression on his face as he opens the song up, it is fucking sick.

MP3 - The Henry Rollins Show - Ryan Adams & The Cardinals - What Sin Replaces Love


tjb said...

Ryan Adams is the sickest singer/songwriter the world has seen in the last ten years. One true measure of a phenomenal tune is its ability to sound great no matter how its played....fast, slow, electric, acoustic, extended to a ten plus minute jam...Ryan's music is timeless and never tiring as he continually reworks older songs live and cranks out new material at an insane rate. Check out this clip of "off broadway" to appreciate his musical diversity.