Monday, March 24, 2008

My Morning Jacket - The Rolling Stone Sessions

I came across these recordings when I initially got into the Jacket. One night while scouring the internet for any video of the great Jim James I came across some YouTube's of him doing some solo acoustic songs for Rolling Stone. In these three videos he performs Masterplan, Golden and Steam Engine as well as give some insight into his writing process. Listen to this guys voice as he quivers his way through Steam Engine. Here are the songs via RapidShare, please enjoy.

**LINKS UPDATED 2010-6-1**

Download - My Morning Jacket - The Rolling Stone Sessions


DR said...

Found this link while surfing - can you please reupload it? I've watched the Steam Engine video on YouTube but I'd never heard of the other recordings he did for Rolling Stone.

Jason said...

Done deal sir.

DR said...

You are the best person ever.