Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Wilco - 1999-3-11 - Tower Records - Chicago, IL

I've been a sucker for Wilco's excellent LP Summerteeth lately. Summerteeth was my first exposure to Wilco way back in the day and it really laid the foundation that my love for Wilco resides on. There are countless crushing moments on that record, the kind of moments that make all of your hair stand up. This recording, captured two days after the release of Summerteeth, is a great early live portrait of some of my favorite work from them.

01 - I'm Always In Love
02 - Via Chicago
03 - How To Fight Loneliness
04 - She's A Jar
05 - We're Just Friends
06 - Can't Stand It
07 - I Got You
08 - Forget The Flowers
09 - California Stars

Download - Wilco - 1999-3-11 - Tower Records - Chicago, IL