Monday, May 24, 2010

Bright Eyes - Pusterviksbaren - 2001-8-29

I really enjoyed listening to Conor Oberst & The Mystic Valley Bands' Outer South the other day, I sometimes forget about how good Conor actually is. To give myself a little perspective into how far Conor has come I dipped into my archives and listened to this set from 2001. The "Arienette" on this is fantastic. Enjoy.

Conor Oberst Amazon

1- A Song to Pass the Time
2- Going for the Gold
3- Something Vague
4- Arienette
5- Soon You Will Be Leaving Your Man
6- New Arrangement
7- Laura Laurent
8- Happy Birthday to Me
9- Make War
10- The Calendar Hung Itself
11- Sunrise, Sunset

Download - Bright Eyes - Pusterviksbaren - 2001-8-29


DR said...

Outer South is not good. In fact, nothing that Conor has done after I'm Wide Awake (starting with Cassadaga), has been great, except for the MoF. His solo album was ok, Cassadaga was passable, and Outer South was not good. Especially compared with his previous works. He should really get back to writing about his problems and not the world's problems.

By the way, what did you think of The National? Their new album is Best of the Year material (way better than Infinite Arms and Brothers).

Jason said...

I like Outer South, it's more of a band effort than a Conor solo deal and I like the Mystic Valley guys.

I haven't listened to the National yet!!! Dammit, I really need to get their records don't I? I'll get on it today!!

DR said...

Outer South is fun music, but it's very different from the stuff he used to sing in Bright Eyes. I guess I miss his emo-ness.

If you wanna get started with The National I would suggest you start with "Boxer" or their new album "High Violet". It might take you some getting used to the deep baritone.