Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Belated Birthday johnnYYac!

The Steam Engine would like to say happy birthday (day late, damn!) to one of the best My Morning Jacket fans out there, johnnYYac!

When you get a chance check out johnnYYac's seriously cool omnichord page (it's that weird thing Yim Yames plays on his knee).


johnnYYac said...

Jason, you're too kind! Thanks a ton. Unfortunately, johnnYYac's Omnichord Ramblings has seen better days. My recordings, such as they are, can only be heard by downloading the mp3s. The plug-in audio players and comment board have vanished. Expect a new and improved website, with new and improved Omnichord covers of MMJ (and others?) in my lead up to 4 more Jacket/YY shows. Again, thanks to Jason for making me the fan I am. Without him and The Steam Engine, I'd have a lot more money and spend a lot more time with my family. Oh wait, what I meant to say is, without Jason and The Steam Engine, I would never have realized the true greatness of THE BEST ROCK BAND ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH! Peace...


Sara said...

"it's that weird thing Yim Yames plays on his knee" hahaha! :D

Jason said...

johnnYYac, my main goal when starting this blog was to tear apart families, glad to see I'm succeeding!

Thanks for the kind words sir, I hope your birthday was great. Enjoy the next stint of shows you have lined up man! Your input/observations/reviews are always welcome on TSE.