Thursday, May 13, 2010

Whiskeytown - F*cker Demo's

This is the complete F*cker Demo's. There are parts two parts floating around, here it is consolidated.
Tracks 2-6 - The Bug Sessions, possibly recorded during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 7-12 - Sessions recorded in Hoboken, New Jersey, possibly during 1998 or 1999.
Tracks 13-16 -Heartbreaker sessions.
Tracks 1-12 have previous circulated as the Fucker Demos; the last four tracks were found on an alternate release of this boot (Fucker Version 2). Hence the Complete Fucker.

Breakdown found here.

It's comforting just hearing this mans voice. When will he come out of hiding (and not for a metal/screaming country record!)? Until Orion drops enjoy this minor throwback to his Whiskeytown days.

  1. In My Time Of Need (alt. demo version)
  1. Bar Lights
  2. Win
  3. Comfortable Only At Night
  4. Out Of Time
  5. Sit And Listen To The Rain
  1. Night Lights
  2. Probably Gonna Happen
  3. West NY Serenade
  4. Lil' Girls
  5. In The World
  6. Medicine
  1. Today
  2. Clearly Destroyed
  3. Breathe
  4. Fool
Download - Whiskeytown - F*cker Demo's