Thursday, April 9, 2009

Venue Information!

Alpine Valley - East Troy, WI

One of my favorite outdoor venues even though I've never been here for a concert of any substance. I've mostly seen Dave Matthews Band concerts here in my high school days. The "parking lot" is a big huge party (before every show I've been to at least) and is ultra fun if you are in the mood to be an idiot and party. They have some big acts rolling through this Summer, most notably Dave, Phish and Coldplay.

Alpine Valley Music Theater Tickets


Pacific Amphitheater - Costa Mesa, Orange County, CA

Never actually been here. The place was shut down for a while but was reopened sans lawn area turning from an 18k person venue to a 8.5k venue. It's kind of cool they didn't act like "the man" and try to cram a bunch of people in there like some kind of van. Watch for The Moody Blues cruisin' through this Summer on July 9th.

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Bank of America Pavillion - Boston, MA

I am a virgin to this place as well. BUT I have posted a kick ass show from Ryan Adams & The Cards' here. They just put $40 millyone in this place in an attempt to make it nice. Anyone ever go to a show here? Boston is a future travel destination for the J-Dog and maybe I'll plan that trip around a show at this place. I mean, f*&$, it's gotta be nice with a $40 mill facelift.

Catch CSN on June 14th.

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Lots of good shows coming up at all these places.