Saturday, April 18, 2009

Record Store Day Score

I was at Kiss The Sky in Geneva, IL promptly at 9:30AM (they open at 10) and while I already had the MMJ EP and the Wilco DVD put aside for me I still wanted to grab a couple other choice items.

From the 9 o'clock position:

Kings Of Leon - (A) Use Somebody (B) Knocked Up (Lykke LI vs. Rodeo Remix)

Wilco - Ashes of American Flags DVD - watched it once, its great EXCEPT for the fact that the extras and the actual film are not combined, instead of one long set you get 2 shorter sets.

Whiskeytown - (A) San Antone (B) The Great Divide

My Morning Jacket - Celebracion De La Ciudad Natal - Excellent.

Record Store Day - Free when you spend $50 or more - Random Artists


billh said...

So bummed I couldn't find the Dr. Dog/Floating Action 7"! Fortunately I have the Wilco DVD to help me make it through this difficult time.

D said...

love you blog man. youve got some great stuff here. i was in champaign tryin to get the MMJ EP.....sold out. still bummed about it. would you mind posting it for download?

Jason said...

Sorry man, can't post legit shit.