Monday, April 27, 2009

M. Ward - 2008-4-27 - The Vic - Chicago, IL

M. Ward was great last night. We were at some open face bar kiddy corner from the venue having a really great time enjoying the hell out of the weather before the show and since we were having such a great time we skipped the opener but got there with plenty of time to see M. Wards set. I was really not too sure what to expect from M., I only know less than half his catalog and I literally know nothing about him. I don't have a set list or much detail but I was really blown away by his performance and his voice is fantastic; I've always loved it but seeing it like that really made me appreciate it. The Happy Genius Heroes guys were there too but our reviews are pretty similiar. If you have the chance to see this guy you really should, he is a fantastic songwriter.