Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Great Lake Swimmers - Schuba's in Chicago - 2009-4-21

Absolutely great set from the GLS last night. The axle on their trailer broke in Indianapolis and they did not get on until 11:15pm but the whole band worked quite diligently to get things moving and once they were on they were fantastic. We were seated on the head honcho's (Tony Dekker) left side right by the multi-instrumentalist of the band, Erik Arneson, I had an opportunity to speak with him and get his autograph on one of the tour posters. He actually remembered me from the last time they played there and I got an autograph on the tour poster, kind of cool. Anyways, if you guys have the chance, go see Great Lake Swimmers, A+ band.

I will have more pictures and a video of "Your Rocky Spine" later today or tomorrow, I hope the audio doesn't sound too poor.

Also, my buddy has a photo pass for tonight's show in Minneapolis so look forward to those pictures too!


Michael said...

i saw gls here in washington dc just the week before last and it was pitch-perfect. the band really finds a way to match dekker's soft-spoken lead. i was awe-stricken