Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Ryan Adams - Bedhead VI

These Bedhead compilations are collections of live songs from periods in Adams career. This is the latest version and it is really phenomenal. The original is all FLAC but I converted them to MP3, if I get enough requests I will post the FLAC's as well.

Thank you RyanAdamsArchive.com for your truly awesome work.

Download - Bedhead VI - Info and Artwork

Download - Bedhead VI - D1
Download - Bedhead VI - D2
Download - Bedhead VI - D3
Download - Bedhead VI - D4
Download - Bedhead VI - D5


Anonymous said...

great stuff! thank you. are the other bedheads available in mp3 anywhere? anyway much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

flac would be most awesome (and thanks for the mp3's too!)

Anonymous said...

First of all, your blog is amazing and has been the highlight of my year. So, many many thanks!

One question: on Bedhead 6, is there a set list for Disc 5? I can't find one here or anywhere online. Thanks again!