Tuesday, July 1, 2008

MMJ - Lebowski Fest 2004-06-18

Here is one from the archives (both metaphorically and literally). Our boys raging through Lebowski Fest back in '04. It Beats For You makes an early appearence and during Just One Thing the intro music is turned up and plays longer then intended and you hear Jim jokingly mid song say "Hey Ryan! Turn the intro music off!" (I looked into it, Rayn is now serving "borsh" in Siberia). Hearing How Do You Know is great as well. It is nice to reach back a bit and listen to some older stuff, especially considering how big they are these days. I was at Borders today and I pulled down 5 magazines with MMJ on the cover or somewhere on the cover. Sometimes it feels like At Dawn and It Still Moves get overlooked by people, including myself, when these are the albums that made me fall in love with them in the first place(CHECK OUT THE NEW POLE). At Dawn is quite possibly my favorite fall time album ever (tough decision though, Harvest, Animals, Cold Roses and Summerteeth all rank very high, WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITES?) Anyways, here is another great show.

Disc 1

01 lebowski intro
02 the man in me
03 golden
04 just one thing
05 it beats for you
06 lowdown
07 the way that he sings
08 how do you know
09 strangulation
10 one big holiday >
11 i will sing you songs

Disc 2

01 o is the one that is real
02 cobra $
03 dancefloors $
04 mahgeetah
05 at dawn
06 steam engine
07 run thru

Download - MMJ - Lebowski Fest 2004-06-18


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