Wednesday, June 25, 2008

MMJ - Bonnaroo 2008 XM Broadcast MP3's

Photo Credit: Linda Park

Unfortunately 4 tracks are missing, that is just the way the torrent is. Sorry and if I come across them I will post them.

My quick listen earlier did not reveal that for some reason the audio cuts in and out. It kind of fucking sucks since this is or superior quality.

I was cruisin' the MMJ forum yesterday and came across a thread about a XM Broadcast download over at bt.etree. The download finished this morning and the quality is better and it had a file with all the Bonnaroo pictures from the website! Enjoy and replace the old show!

MMJ - Bonnaroo 2008 XM Broadcast - Disc 1

MMJ - Bonnaroo 2008 XM Broadcast - Disc 2

MMJ - Bonnaroo 2008 XM Broadcast - Disc 3



John Vilanova said...

This is missing some tracks. You got them? Last 4 tracks of show. THANKS!!!

mike said...

What 4 tracks, I have the whole show from the XM source, it was on demonoid, no the etree one (which was missing 4 tracks). If you post what 4 songs your missing I can upload them for ya.

mike said...

I'll upload the last 4 tracks tonight or Sunday, not sure when I can get to it. Sorry, I missed the post above.

Jason said...

Thanks Mike, that is huge.

mike said...

here you go, sorry it took so long, I had a busy weekend. This source is so much better than the first source that popped up.

小小彬 said...