Tuesday, July 29, 2008

MMJ - Bonnaroo 2004-06-12

This was my first exposure to My Morning Jacket. No, I was not there, it was 2 years after the show took place that my friend Tim from St. Louis showed me a Bonnaroo documentary with some performances from MMJ. I was down there with a couple of buddies selling this piece of shit 1992 Toyota Tercel that had a major dent on every panel (I got $1000 bucks for it though). Anyways, the documentary switched between Jim James playing Golden solo and the whole band raging through Steam Engine in the pouring rain. The logo for this site is a picture of the end of the Steam Engine from this show, Jim James, front and center, offering his guitar to the Gods. It is a really amazing site. This version Cobra is really great, I wish they played that more often these days. Jim James right after At Dawn - "THIS IS RETURN TO THUNDERDOME!"

For a ton pictures from the show head over to The Jackets website here.

Download the show via the Archive here.


Jake said...

This was a great show. I saw them once before at headliners in Louisville around a year before this show. They rocked out at headliners but they blew me away at Bonnaroo. Me and my two friends left Lexington on Friday night and got down there Sat morning. It was 4 am and we still didn't have tickets. On a whim we decided to go up to the gas station right before you get to the farm. A guy was selling two tickets for like $100 and when we told him we needed another one he walked across the lot and talked to this girl for about two seconds. Walked back with an artist pass, $75 he said. Done! Man... that artist pass was the shit. I was back stage wondering around, snuck a couple plates from the buffet they had for the artist. it was badass. After the show we met back at the camp site, changed into some dry clothes, got inspired and went to the crazy lighting storm that was The Dead. Needless to say my first bonnaroo was pretty amazing! This year kicked its ass though Even without the artist pass. Just because of the MMJ show. 4 hours of complete rain soaked ecstasy. Anyways... Like the blog man keep it up.

Anonymous said...

do you have a copy of the ACL soundboard to post? saw it in the mmj forums but the links expired. thanks!!

Anonymous said...

the 2004 show ^^^

Jason said...

I wish I did, I will look for a copy though!