Thursday, June 12, 2008

MMJ at Bonarroo (repost) & Smokin' From Shootin' Acoustic

I had a reader ask to re post the Bonarroo show and to post the Smokin' From Shootin' iTunes bonus song, so here you go.

Download MMJ @ Bonarroo Pt. 1

Download MMJ @ Bonarroo Pt. 2

Download MMJ @ Bonarroo Pt. 3

Download MMJ - Smokin' From Shootin' Acoustic


Anonymous said...

thank you for reposting this..the live version of phone went west @ bonnaroo is incredible.

Anonymous said...

is there anyway you can rip jim's acoustic show from st. david's church into mp3's? the quality is reeaaally good. thanks in advance.