Monday, February 21, 2011

DOWNLOAD - My Morning Jacket - 2005-10-26 - Live at Bogart's - Cin City, OH

Photo by: Jonathan Moore
It has been too damn long since we've had a Jacket show up! Especially after the flurry of news we've had over the last month or so: Wakarusa, Mountain Jam, Hangout Fest, Bonnaroo AND VH1 Storytellers. It looks as if our favorite group are going to destroy the festival circuit this year and continue to spread their sonic awesomeness across the world. Man, 2005 seems like a world away from where the boys currently stand.

I will be at the VH1 Storytellers taping on Thursday, I'll report as much info as possible so be watching The Steam Engine Facebook and Twitter later this week.

01 Intro (WKRP tease) 
02 Wordless Chorus 
03 It Beats 4 U 
04 Off the Record 
05 One Big Holiday 
06 What A Wonderful Man 
07 I Will Sing You Songs 
08 Golden 
09 Sooner 
10 Lay Low 
11 Dondante 
12 Gideon 
13 Run Thru 
14 Low Down 
15 Anytime 
16 Mahgeetah