Tuesday, February 1, 2011

DOWNLOAD - Fleet Foxes - 2008-11-21 - Den Haag - The Netherlands

This weeks Fleet Foxes news has me digging through my archives, eating up every bit of Fleet Foxes goodness that I can. While we do have to wait quite a bit of time for a new record (May 3rd), we did get the title track to the new record, Helplessness Blues, to wet our gullet. Listen to the new track below.

For those of us about to get hit with a nasty little snowstorm: download this, mix up a whiskey drink and watch the snow accumulate.

01 Intro / Tuning
02 Sun Giant
03 Sun lt Rises
04 Drops in the River
05 English House
06 White Winter Hymnal
07 Ragged Wood
08 Your Protector
09 Crayon Angels (Judee Sill Cover) (Robin solo)
10 Oliver James (Robin solo)
11 He Doesn't Know Why
12 Mykonos
13 Tiger Mountain Peasant Song (Robin with two unknown girls)
14 Blue Ridge Mountains
15 Outro

Bonus / Soundcheck
16 ???
17 Sun Giant
18 English House


rhostetler1 said...

Hi, Jason!
I stumbled upon your blog page about ryan adams and the Bedhead Series.


I would LOVE to have the flac versions of these collections. Is there any way you could post them, direct me toward the torrent, or possibly e-mail them to me? I am a huge fan of whiskeytown and the cardinals too. I would be so grateful if you could help me out.
I'll check back on this post or you can e-mail me at rhostetler1@student.gsu.edu.
Thankyou very much!

Sonic Tooth said...

jason, thanks for the recent flurry of Fleet Foxes goodness.
pretty stoked for the (long awaited, if you ask me) new record. if the track you posted is any indication, all is well, and we are in store for something on par with past songs. hard to believe it was back in '08 that sun giant and the s/t release came out. long time ago.

Chris said...

The new Fleet Foxes record is a LONG time coming! This is a great sounding show -- I'd been pretty underwhelmed with other live sets that I've heard, both in quality and performance, and they knocked it out of the park with this one.

Stay warm, friend!

Jason said...

rhostetler1 - I'm working on getting them all again. Had a hard drive crash and I've only got a few of them left.

rhostetler1 said...

I'm sorry to hear that, I know what it feels like to lose my music collection (more than once). Sadly enough the lossless bedhead series are not in circulation. I would love to hear Psalms sang (apparently on the ground?) at Elton John's Oscar party. I appreciate your willingness to help me out :)
shall i just keep checking back on the Steam Engine Homepage for the uploads? Just let me know what works for you. Thankyou!! It means a lot.

Jason said...

How about you shoot me an email? That'll be most effective I think.


Spiderjeru said...

With the release of FF's new album, "Helplessness Blues," I believe we can now confirm that track 16 is an early version of "Lorelei."