Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wilco On TV

I got these recording from a friend a few days ago. The title is deceiving because I do not think that all of these are from TV appearances but it is a great collection of songs. They do some amazing covers, I Shall Be Released and Something In The Air are fine cuts, some interviews, all sorts of shit. In the next few days my posts will probably be very Radiohead and Wilco heavy, I am going to see them back to back nights in St. Louis next week and I could not be more fucking excited.

UPDATED 2009/10/01

Download - Wilco On TV

By the way, how fucking good is A Ghost Is Born?


Kevin said...

Thanks for this!

Answer: A Ghost Is Born is awesome! I catch crap all the time for that being my favorite record of their's.

Zak said...

Yea thanks a lot. A Ghost Is Born is fucking ridiculous great, I remember I saw them here is Cincy, I believe it was their first date of the "Ghost Is Born tour" and midway through the show Jew Tweedy broke down starting crying and thanked everyone in the band for sticking with him through his rehab, etc. Then the entire band dropped their instruments and circled around Jeff and hugged him. One of the most amazing, uplifting, and human things I have ever seen.

Zak said...

Jeff* not "Jew Tweedy" haha.

Jason said...

Thanks guys! Zak, I hope Europe was great and that Wilco story sounds amazing, I have not seen them since last summer in Indianapolis. That made me laugh by the way.

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