Monday, May 5, 2008

Ryan Adams Has Another New Blog

The old one was "hijacked" and now he has this one.

To be absolutely honest I am sick of this shit and I want some fucking music out of this guy! Do not get me wrong, I love this guy but enough with the horsing around and give me a fucking studio (or live) album! And the boxset! What about the boxset?! Is it really not going to happen?


tjb said...

hmmmmmmm. and that web address takes you to his former blog wich is hijacked??? I agree, strange, and wearing me out so to speak

BH said...

Awfully demanding aren't you? I mean, dammmm, the guy puts a new album out like every couple of months and the blog is wearing you out? Take deep breaths and go buy some M. Ward to hold you over.

Jason said...


You are correct, I am a little too antsy. I cannot help it, I hear and read so much about him I just want music! I do like M. Ward and I do have quite a bit, thanks for the suggestion though!

BH said...

OK, now I'm getting impatient.


Jason said...