Friday, April 4, 2008

Dead Confederate

Neil Young's On The Beach is one of my favorite albums of all time. The song On The Beach is a bluesy, dark, 70's bongo hipster masterpiece that instantly puts a vision of a dark room, lots of smoke and a strung out hippie with sunglasses on hitting his bongos on your mind. I love this song. Well, Dead Confederate apparently loves it too. My first exposure to these guys was them doing a fucking awesome job covering this song. They got the feel of this song down man. Unfortunately, I have no god damn idea what happened to that file. BUT, their self titled EP is even better. It is a great mix of hard and classic rock, it has a very serious tone to it. Definitely buy their EP, I got it from Amazon, I am not sure if it is on iTunes. Really enjoy this, it is some good shit and it kicks ass, so, basically, we got some kick ass shit (Black Sheep joke).

Dead Confederate - Selected Songs from The Dead Confederate EP