Monday, August 2, 2010

Yim Yames - Newport Folk Fest 2010

Photo by: Laura Fedele

Photo by: Justin S. (Nice pic man, thanks for letting me use it!)

Sticky Icky Green Stuff of the My Morning Jacket forum is my hero this beautiful morning. Thanks man, everyone appreciates it! I'm on my second spin, I imagine I'll probably listen to this all day. It would have been nice to have had this all weekend in the North woods. 

Listen to the way he says "You know my hearrrrrt it beats for you" in "It Beats 4 U" at 2:18, chills city.

His Master's Voice
Wonderful (The Way I Feel)
Look At You
Tonight I Want to Celebrate With You
Bermuda Highway
Summer Never Ends
It Beats 4 U
What a Wonderful Man
In the Morning
Where to Begin
Smokin From Shootin'


Sheila said...

I listened to this on NPR today and I had a very similar reaction to It Beats 4 U. For me it was at the end when he makes his voices sound like some kind of supernatural flute. It literally made my heartache, it was so beautiful. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

You need to post the Preservation Hall Band show from NPF 2010 which features two songs with Jim James. I can't get their podcast to download but the songs are great. Make it happen!