Friday, August 27, 2010

Preservation Hall Jazz Band - Newport Folk Fest - 2010-08-01

I know some of you were looking for this, thank Mr. Honest Abe over at the spectacular Mystic Chords of Memory V. 2 for it! Check out his blog, dude has some seriously rad stuff going on over there.

"Blue Yodel #9" with Jim James is streaming below!

01 Bourbon Street Parade
02 Short Dressed Gal
03 Stage Banter
04 My Sweet Substitute
05 Old Man Mose Is Dead
06 Stage Banter
07 Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (featuring Daniel Martin Moore)
08 Stage Banter
09 Some Cold Rainy Day (featuring Cory Chisel)
10 Stage Banter
11 Shake It And Break It (featuring Andrew Bird)
12 Stage Banter
13 Blue Yodel #9 (featuring Jim James)
14 St. James Infirmary (featuring Jim James & Andrew Bird)
15 Stage Banter
16 We Shall Overcome (featuring Tao Seeger)