Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Morning Jacket - San Diego, CA - 2010-08-11 Setlist and Pictures

Nice looking setlist!!!! Cannot wait to hear the new song. Coltrane from the MMJ forum described it like this, thanks Coltrane!:

The new song (?) was awesome. Jim on acoustic starting by himself (with a sprinkle of Bo). Sounded laid back and rolling right along.....and then Carl, Patrick and Tommy burst in and exploded the whole thing!!! Carl thrashed for a bit, then it settled into another few, i can't describe it! It felt like a five or six minute song. the lyrics were very interesting too. If it truly was a new song (for a new record), it's a pretty cool direction.

Check out some cool shots from last night here.

Check out a bit of "Dondante" after the setlist.


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The new song: