Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Morning Jacket - VPRO Studio Amstel - 2000-1-26

This coincides with the This Is Not America documentary. I don't understand the DJ (it's in Dutch) but Jim's parts are intriguing and the music is amazing.

I can practically smell Columbus...

Anyone going to Spoon tomorrow night in Chicago?

Photo by photographer and MMJ superfan, no, ULTRA fan CC Baxter.

Thank you taper/uploader.

Broadcast in three parts:

Pt. 1, broadcast date: April 13, 2000
01. DJ Intro
02. Heartbreakin Man
03. Interview with Jim James
04. At Dawn (Jim James solo acoustic)
05. Interview with Jim James
06. Evelyn Is Not Real
07. Interview with Jim James
08. Rocket Man (Jim James solo acoustic)
09. Interview with Jim James
10. I Think I'm Going To Hell
11. Interview with Jim James
12. Xmas Curtain
13. DJ Outro

Pt. 2, broadcast date: July 13, 2000
14. DJ Intro
15. Picture Of You
16. DJ Intro
17. Old September Blues
18. The Bear
19. DJ Outro

Pt. 3, broadcast date: August 24, 2000
20. War Begun
21. DJ Intro
22. Honest Man
23. DJ Outro

Download - My Morning Jacket - VPRO Studio Amstel - 2000-1-26


DR said...

I was gonna tell you about the Dear God video, but you got ahead of me.
That's awesome that you're gonna see Spoon tomorrow, I wish I could. I'm still obsessed with everything Britt Daniel does, I recently found "Home Vol. 4", which is fucking crazy, and also this old live recording of Conor with Britt and M. Ward (I actually hot it from here).

miss.katherine. said...

like the video. a lot.

u should cover A. Belle. think you (and ur readers) would really think hes grand.

Anonymous said...

MMJ in Nashville 4/21...can't wait

ArturoBoy said...

This is a essential live old record. Very good sound.