Friday, March 26, 2010


Hello everyone! I've been in and out lately and just not dedicated, I'm really going to turn that around. It's been a combo of being busy in my personal life and not really coming across music I've deemed worthy to share with your ears. I've got a quick post (3 shows) for you guys today and some other stuff for you.

First, the new White Stripes documentary is out of control amazing. I picked up the blu-ray yesterday and have since watched it 2.5 times. Jack and Meg have a connection, something binding them together. Director Emmett Maloy did a fantastic job of grasping that unexplainable connection. If you even like the White Stripes or Jack White a little bit, go grab it.


New music for you all! I've been listening to new stuff by some really great acts. The first group I have for you guys is a Brooklyn based band that goes by the name of The Gentlemen's Bet. Their latest effort Big Gunpowder Falls is a genre kaleidoscope that mixes everything from Sting records like Ten Summoners Tales and Mercury Rising (great f*cking records) to The Decemberists The Hazards of Love. I've attached The Gentlemen's Bet album closing track "Bulldoze Bill" for your enjoyment.
Cool fact - Big Gunpowder Falls was mastered by Alan Douches, he's worked on My Morning Jacket stuff before.

The Gentlemen's Bet - Bulldoze Bill

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Next up is the Champaign-Urbana, IL based band Santah. Their 10 track LP doesn't have a bad song on it, fans of Grizzly Bears' Veckatimest and the less heavy sides of Kings of Leon will find White Noise Bed to be a treat. I've included the huge sounding "Overgrown."

Cool fact - White Noise Bed was recorded in the now deceased ex-Wilco man, Jay Bennetts' recording studio Pieholden Studios. Parts of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot were recorded there.

Santah - Overgrown

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