Thursday, February 18, 2010

Support Ear X-Tacy

Couple days late on this but it's a good cause. I've only been there once but it is easily the finest record store I've ever been to. I bought another copy of this, you should too!

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Hey Gang,

Louisville was hit with some alarming news. Our beloved independent record store and pillar of our community, Ear X-tacy, is on the brink of closing down due to a decline in business over the last three years. We as a band cannot express how important local businesses are to the very fiber of a community, and stores such as ear X-tacy are prime examples.

It is out of our distinct appreciation and respect for John Timmons and the Ear X-tacy staff that we offer a digital download of our live album, CelebraciĆ³n De La Ciudad Natal, for $4.99, with all proceeds going to Ear X-tacy.

The EP can be purchased at the ear X-tacy digital home page here: