Friday, February 19, 2010

Spoon - The Blue Note - Columbia, MO - 2007-10-02

One last post before the weekend. I know I've been Spoon heavy lately, I'll mix it up soon. Have a wonderful weekend everyone.

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Don't Make Me A Target
The Ghost Of You Lingers
You Got Yr Cherry Bomb
Don't You Evah
Rhythm & Soul
They Never Got You
Summon You
You Got Yours
Turn My Camera On
My Mathematical Mind
Stay Don't Go
Everything Hits At Once
Back To Life
The Beat and Dragon Adored
The Underdog
Black Like Me
My Little Japanese Cigarette Case
Me And The Bean
The Way We Get By
Quincy Punk Episode

Download - Spoon - The Blue Note - Columbia, MO - 2007-10-02


atheist extraordinaire said...

A spoonful of spoons!Thank you very much!