Tuesday, November 24, 2009

My Morning Jacket on American Dad


Brendan said...

This episode tripped me out. Especially because in Stan's MMJ Hangtime Room there's a poster from the Berkeley show I went to. And while I was watching the episode, the poster hung over my head on the wall.

Trippy but I really enjoyed it.

Supposedly the producer who went with MMJ as the band for the episode was at Bonnaroo in 08 when they rocked for 4 hours.

the meadow party. said...

lee here, frequent visitor/ commenter to the blog.

thought you might find this interesting, and obviously i think it's the coolest thing ever. my wife's cousin's husband works as a storyboard artist for 'american dad' and, knowing what a big mmj fan i am, he drew me [and my wife] into the show. so the guy in the yellow peace sign shirt with the beard, and the lady in the orange tunic-- THAT'S ME AND MY WIFE! how f'ing cool is that?

thanks as always for all the great music. take care.


Jason said...

Lee, that's is the coolest man!