Friday, November 6, 2009

Monsters of Folk - 2009-10-31 - Louisville, KY

Kory Johnson is the man. That's all I can really say. He taped the Halloween show and it sounds excellent. It really is giving me chills, taking me back to Chicago. Listen for Conor Oberst's verse in Smokin' From Shootin', it is an excellent moment.

We are missing the first 2.5 songs, no biggy though, this is such a treat.

Kory Johnson is, on top of being one of the greatest MMJ fans out there, an excellent Louisville, KY based photographer. Check out his site here.

Also check out 37Flood.

1. Say Please
2. The Right Place
3. Soul Singer (In A Session Band)
4. Vincent O'Brien
5. Man Named Truth
6. Smoke Without Fire - Conor and Matt
7. One Hundred Million Years - Matt Solo
8. Chinese Translation - Matt Solo
9. One Life Away - Matt and Jim
10. Golden
11. Tezmezcal
12. Baby Boomer
13. I Will Be There When You Die - Jim and Conor
14. We Are Nowhere And Its Now - Conor and Mike
15. The Big Picture - Conor and Mike
16. Lullaby + Exile - Matt and Conor
17. Sandman, Brakeman, And Me
18. Goodway
19. To Save Me
20. Lime Tree - Conor and Jim
21. Bermuda Highway -Jim and Will
22. Look At You - Jim Solo
23. Wonderful (The Way I Feel) -Jim and Matt
24. Map Of The World
25. Dear God (Sincerely MOF)
26. At The Bottom Of Everything
27. Smokin' From Shootin'
28. Hit The Switch
29. His Masters Voice

30. Detroit Rock City
31. Whole Lotta Losin'
32. Another Travelin' Song
33. Losin' Yo Head
34. Rock N Roll All Nite

**LINK UPDATED 2010-8-12**

Download - Monsters of Folk - 2009-10-31 - Louisville, KY


kelli said...

this is great! thank you!

Dan in Louisville said...

Thank you - Thank You - THANK YOU!for capturing the show..I understand security was confiscating equipment all evening..shame...and kudos to you for being one step ahead of the man...
I will never forget the of my list of many many shows! Yim Yames and the other Monsters were perfect!

Anonymous said...

holy shit, thanks so much, this is awesome!

Ryan said...

Thank you very much for this recording. This was quite possibly one of the most entertaining concerts I have attended!