Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monsters of Folk - Live at The Philadelphia Academy of Music - 2009-11-09

This is the show that was webcasted (is that a word?) the other night. Just started listening right now and the quality is pretty great. I did notice that the sound went out in the left channel on "The Right Place" for a couple of seconds but f*ck it, Jim James still sounds awesome. Enjoy the show guys, I know this will be on repeat this weekend.

Props to Jeff Luke for the photo. The picture is from the Minneapolis show becasue I couldn't find any from Philly and, well, Jeff's pictures are too excellent not to use somewhere!

I wish I could have done more with the artwork guys, the picture is tops but my input is pretty bland, I am absolutely slammed right now and I haven't had a ton of time to focus on the blog, I have some great things downloading right now though and will have them up hopefully soon. Thanks for understanding!

01 Intro
02 Say Please
03 The Right Place
04 Soul Singer (In A Session Band)
05 Slow Down Jo
06 Man Named Truth
07 Vincent O'Brien
08 One Life Away
09 One Hundred Million Years
10 Poison Cup
11 Smoke Without Fire
12 Golden
13 Dear God (Sincerely M.O.F.)
15 Baby Boomer
16 We Are Nowhere And It's Now
17 Lullaby + Exile
18 At Dawn
19 To Save Me
20 Kathy With A K's Song
21 Bermuda Highway
22 Look At You
23 Map Of The World
24 Smokin From Shootin
25 Hit The Switch
26 Losin Yo Head
27 Encore Break
28 At The Bottom Of Everything
29 Whole Lotta Lovin
30 Another Travelin' Song
31 His Master's Voice
32 Outro



John and Michele said...

Thanks as always for the great blog. I have my own recording of this webcast, plus two others from the MMJ forum. I couldn't get your link to work, but this one should be the same recording, based on the setlist:
I understand busy; just do what you can. Steam Engine is on my homepage so I check it everyday.

John and Michele said...

Noting some problems with the recording of "Dear God", I have an alternate file that appears pretty solid; just insert in place of the track on the above download of the full show:

courtesy of tragicallyphish on the MMJ forum

Jason said...

John and Michele know his/her/their shit! I'll get a copy with the new "Dear God" tomorrow.

Johnny Yac said...

John and Michele is my email handle, which I share with my lovely wife. MMJ and MoF forums know/dread me as Johnny Yac. Jason, I love Steam Engine. I'm a new and accelerated MMJ/JJ/YY/MoF fan (since May 2008)and have you to thank for so much of my material. Keep up the good work!

Jason said...

Now Johnny Yac is a name I recognize! Anyways, thanks for the kind words sir, I appreciate it.

DR said...

I guess they're playing the same playlist on all the tour...